Weekly Tribes Online 2020: Rename yourself and…

December 14, 2020

This is great for a closing reflection, check for understanding, or just some heartfelt inclusion or appreciation.  

We did this in a recent (and excellent) class I recently took from PYE (Partners for Youth Empowerment)

Once you have taught your participants in Zoom how to remake themselves, AS everyone to remake themselves with

  • adjectives that describe how they feel…
  • an appreciation for someone
  • one word that describes something they learned or appreciated
  • a closing statement:  I learned…Something Good…I’m thankful for
  • anything you want people to know about you right now

If everyone is on ‘Gallery View’ their new name/words/statement will appear in their video box on the screen.

It can be a pretty awesome moment.

Online Facilitation

Weekly Tribes Online 2020: Disco Detective

December 8, 2020

This idea comes from PYE Zoom facilitation workshop https://www.partnersforyouth.org/online-facilitation/

You will need some inviting disco dancing music.

Invite all to be on video.

Send a private chat to designate the dance leader. 

Get a volunteer to be the ‘detective’.  Have that person close their eyes when the music begins.

The leader starts a dance move and all others follow.

Now the detective may open their eyes.

The leader changes the dance move ever so slightly and everyone follows the leader.

The detective must guess the leader. 

Big moves = easy guess

Small moves makes it more challenging.

Reflect:  What agreements made this successful?  What behaviors did I observe that were positive and productive?  what modifications could we do to make this more challenging for next time?

Invite statements of appreciation.

Weekly Tribes Online 2020: Read My Lips

December 2, 2020

Have some fun and attentive ‘watching’ in your online class by inviting students to say something about a topic of discussion, using some facial expressions and speaking slowly…because they will be MUTED and the rest of the class will need to practice some lip reading.

Reflect on the communicative opportunity to really focus on what is being said.  Now more than ever, there is a lot of mis-communication around us!?

Weekly Tribes Online 2020: Draw Something

November 16, 2020

Kindergarten teacher Bryn at Palisades Elementary did this with her class online…

One person (the artist) draws a picture (for her kindergarteners, they drew ‘monsters’, so everyone had the same starting point.)

Then the artist explains their drawing while the rest of the class draws, according to the artist’s description.

Finally all hold up their drawing to see similarities, accuracies, and enjoy the interpretations.

This is obviously a great strategy for listening, vocabulary, communication, compare and contrast.

And, it’s fun.

Weekly Tribes Online 2020: Anonymous Responses

November 9, 2020

In this time of distance learning, authentic assessment is an important tool to have.  If you are using ZOOM, consider this for some assessment, survey, or honest responses.  Have participants rename themselves to *** or something very generic and easy to do.  When all have renamed, then use the ‘all at once’ chat response, or just a simple chat response and all postings will be anonymous.

Needless to say, a review of mutual respect prior to anonymous posting is probably time well spent.

Weekly Tribes Online 2020: Make an inspiring video

November 1, 2020

Palisades Elementary in southern California has been utilizing the Tribes process and here is what they created for their students to welcome them back to school.  Perhaps this will inspire you to  make one of your own.

Weekly Tribes Online 2020: Camera On, Camera Off

October 26, 2020

Just like ‘That’s Me!’, only everyone starts with their camera off and when the host asks a question, if the answer is ‘yes’, those people turn their cameras ON.  This allows for some fun ‘spotlights’ on people as well as an opportunity for participants to come up with questions.  And, you can infuse some content questions if you like!

This comes from Partner for Youth Development

Here are some samples to get you started:

Who’s is wearing socks right now?

Who has done some exercise outside today?

Who has made a statement of appreciation today?

Who knows someone who has voted already?

Who has read a good story or book lately?

Weekly Tribes Online 2020: That’s Me…virtually!

October 19, 2020

This comes from a class a colleague of mine recently took from PYE

Have everyone mute themselves and turn off their video screen and then start asking questions:  when the answer is ‘me’ that person turns on their screen.  What you should see is a lot of faces instead of raising hands and/or chatting.

Who did something fun over the weekend?

Who is wearing socks?

Who likes to eat Brussell sprouts?

Who has a pet?

Who is going to do something outside today?

…and then have students develop the questions

Reflect on how the agreements were honored.

Weekly Tribes Online 2020: Some Fun Vocabulary

October 12, 2020

Use these words for some interesting reflective practice?!

best words ever


Weekly Tribes Online 2020: Passing the Online Talking Stick

September 28, 2020

This idea comes from Kinsley, a facilitator at Peace Learning Center.

Choose an object, either real or imaginary and take turns ‘throwing’ and ‘catching’ it in Zoom or some other platform where all can be seen.  For example, pass the imaginary basketball to designate who will speak next – it is helpful to ask, “Who’s ready?” and have people put up their arms to ‘catch’, before ‘throwing’.

Another idea is to have each participant have an object to pick up and show as their ‘talking stick’…then when they finish talking and ask, “Who’s ready?”, they can toss their object into the air as the next person picks it up and begins speaking.

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