Weekly Tribes Online 2020: Rename yourself and…

This is great for a closing reflection, check for understanding, or just some heartfelt inclusion or appreciation.   We did this in a recent (and excellent) class I recently took from PYE (Partners for Youth Empowerment) Once you have taught your participants in Zoom how to remake themselves, AS everyone to remake themselves with adjectives […]

Weekly Tribes Online 2020: Read My Lips

Have some fun and attentive ‘watching’ in your online class by inviting students to say something about a topic of discussion, using some facial expressions and speaking slowly…because they will be MUTED and the rest of the class will need to practice some lip reading. Reflect on the communicative opportunity to really focus on what […]

Weekly Tribes Online 2020: Anonymous Responses

In this time of distance learning, authentic assessment is an important tool to have.  If you are using ZOOM, consider this for some assessment, survey, or honest responses.  Have participants rename themselves to *** or something very generic and easy to do.  When all have renamed, then use the ‘all at once’ chat response, or […]

Weekly Tribes 2020 Online: Milling to Music

Milling to Music Online Play music and have students dance, jump, exercise in front of computer.  When the music stops, they freeze and you ask a question (either personal or academic).  Students raise hands or make an obvious gesture that they want to answer.  Start music again and repeat the process.

Weekly Tribes Online 2020: Zoom Inclusion

In ‘gallery’ mode, invite all to compose two facts about yourself that we can’t see by just looking at you and then post in the chat box.  Instant inclusion! Turn it into content by inviting students to post two things you want to learn, or already know about… Reflect …on participation …on learning …on expectations (acknowledging what […]

Weekly Tribes Online 2020: Community Circle Date

Community Circle Date Whatever day it is, invite each person to develop a question using that date.  Example:  Today it’s the 11th – please compose an answerable question that has the word ‘eleven’ in it (What can you eat eleven of?  What do you think you will be doing eleven years from now?  What is […]

Weekly Tribes Online 2020: Altogether Chat Response

I learned this from Ms. Herman principal at Palisades Elementary School: If using Zoom, or another online platform with a ‘Chat’ option, ask all to write a response or reflection, but don’t push ‘return’ or ‘enter’ until told to do so – then you get everyone’s  response all at one and can read through.  This encourages […]

Weekly Tribes: Resource for home-schooling

Part of our Transformative Learning Alliance, check out this resource from HEART: Coronavirus Outbreak: Free Resources for Parents and Teachers

Weekly Tribes 2020: Wide Open School

Here is another resource from Cindy Robinson, Tribes trainer and founder of Enhancing Teacher Practices. Thanks again Cindy!

Weekly Tribes: Everyday Circles: Easy and Every Day

Everyday Circles: Easy and Every Day See how you can use this SEL-based curriculum for your remote and virtual learning adventures during this time of school closure. https://tribes.com/blogposts/get-everyday-circles-cards-now/