Weekly Tribes 2018: Catch the Fire

This is a must-have book for your resource library.   Don’t be surprised by the connection to the Tribes process.  Do prepare to be delighted with activities that incorporate the arts while sustaining the Tribes process. Want more?  Sign up on Facebook for the PYE 3rd Thursday Assemblies Attend 3rd Thursday Assemblies  

Weekly Tribes 2016 November: Kindness Holiday Calendar

It is almost December, so here is a clever and compassionate way to involve students and family. http://www.simplemost.com/spread-holiday-cheer-random-acts-kindness-calendar/ You might have your students each take a day and write a suggestion for the class to do, or include drawings, rather than words; some may want to make a calendar of activities or appreciations for their […]

Weekly Tribes 2016: Upside Down Drawing

Tap into that visual spatial multiple intelligence and get read for some silent, focused, and awestruck students!  This website will get you started, and you can just google ‘upside down drawing’ for more examples. This fun and engaging exercise lends itself to some reflection focusing on awareness, ability, participation, effort, and grit (to name a […]

Weekly Tribes: ending the school year

Combine some writing skills and some fun. Give your students a list of questions to respond to – and tell them that, once done, this will be sealed and not to be looked at until they date they choose to put on the envelope! You might want to clue parents into this to be ‘safe-keepers’. […]

Weekly Tribes 2014-2015 ‘Lend a Hand’

This comes from a student in the Tribes online class (BOC): I saw this activity done in one of my practicum placements and I think it really emphasizes the Tribes process very well. It would be great to do during the first week of school to help build relationships right off the start. The activity […]

Weekly Tribes 2014-2015: Defining Agreements

This idea comes from a student in the Basic Online Course (BOC): Fold a paper into 4 parts – draw what each of the 4 agreements looks like or means to you. …or In 4 small groups, each group take one of the 4 Tribes agreements and brainstorm situations in school where that specific agreement […]

Weekly Tribes 2013 – Activate your Visual/Spatial Intelligence!

This might be a nice end-of-the-year art project…you can even be creative and incorporate some content…words, equations, function, etc. I think this could be a group effort (make a BIG one), or an individual masterpiece. Here is the link – about 8 minutes. http://youtu.be/C4Nlz4XMxcs Enjoy!

Wordle Agreements

Submitted by Matt Cole Students Use Technology to Show Their Understanding of TRIBES Students from Kirsten Carey’s 3rd grade class worked with Jean Etzel in the Primary School Computer Lab to reflect on what the TRIBES name means to them.  Using the free website www.wordle.net, students entered in words that conveyed their understanding of TRIBES.  […]

Practicing Colors

TITLE:  Practicing Colors GRADE:  Pre-K MATERIALS/TIME REQUIRED:  colored paper; 10-20- min. PROVIDE FOR INCLUSION – A You Question, Energizer, or Linking Strategy: “I like my neighbor”:  Use colors in each sentence, for each round. Example:  I like my neighbor who is wearing orange I like my neighbor who can tell me what color an apple […]