Weekly Tribes 2020: Online Tribes for Mother’s Day

This comes from Megan in Budapest, Hungary.  Her school, Happy Kids, has been closed for 5 weeks, but Megan continues to find a way to stay connected and help her students and families do the same.   Here is her plan for a Zoom meeting with 10 people at a time (mom’s and kids): Greetings […]

Weekly Tribes 2020: Enhancing Teacher Practices – 14 day challenge

Meet my friend and fellow Tribes trainer Cindy Robinson and take her 14 day challenge starting today! 14 Day Challenge

History: Family Tree (follow-up)

This comes from Aoife, a teacher at GETNS Inclusion: Circle time: Finish the statement “My favourite thing to do with my family is……” Objective: to build inclusion and promote awareness of how other family members feel. This is a follow on activity from compiling and presenting their family trees, a History content objective as per […]

When We Were Young

This comes from Megan, a teacher at Happy Kids School in Budapest, Hungary. Here, I am introducing the topic “When We Were Young”, where we will begin by comparing toys of the past and present. 1. Provide for inclusion: Use energizer “My Favourite People and Things”: In a community circle, I will start out by […]

Weekly Tribes 2019-2020: Everyday Circles

This is a project that Tribes Learning Communities, Peace Learning Center, and HEART came together to create…and now it is ready for you to put to use in your classroom! You can check it out here:  www.tribes.com/everydaycircles/ Hit the ‘buy the cards’ button and you can see an explanatory video.  For 27 cents a day, […]

Literature: Characterization

Thank you for this TLE, Beth Spaulding –  Frankford Middle School Plano ISD, Plano TX 1. PROVIDE FOR INCLUSION: A You Question, Energizer, or Linking Strategy Energizer: “Pen Pals” Students will draw the name of a character from the story we are reading out of a cup, this will be their new identity for the activity. […]

Learn About Money: Lemonade Stand

Thanks Karen from B.C. Canada for this TLE: CONTENT/THEME: Learn About Money – Earn Money and Help Others (Lemonade Stand) Audience: Grade 1 and 2 Introduce and brainstorm ideas at carpet for a Lemonade Stand   PROVIDE FOR INCLUSION: Name Game – Adapted To help students learn names of denominations of money. Each student holds […]

Weekly Tribes 2018-2019: Restorative Practice

This comes from Tsun Chan, a former student in the Basic Online Course (BOC) Restorative Practice and Tribes is a great fit – here it is in a high school

Weekly Tribes 2017 – 2018: Agreements – start the year

This comes from Jamie, a Tribes teacher in Austin, Texas. Even if the school year has already started for you, there is always time for reviewing and defining the agreements.   As you know, they need to be more than pretty posters on the walls. When we introduce the idea of agreements, we have the […]

Weekly Tribes August 2016 – Start the Year

The following link is a great reminder for getting off to a positive and productive start. https://www.neamb.com/professional-resources/top-strategies-to-start-the-school-year-strong.htm Here is my translation to the Tribes process: Establish Ground Rules = Tribes agreements Consistency is Key = Reflective Practice Be Positive! = Build Inclusion!  (group development process)