Weekly Tribes 2020: Enhancing Teacher Practices – 14 day challenge

Meet my friend and fellow Tribes trainer Cindy Robinson and take her 14 day challenge starting today! 14 Day Challenge

Weekly Tribes 2017 – 2018: Agreements – start the year

This comes from Jamie, a Tribes teacher in Austin, Texas. Even if the school year has already started for you, there is always time for reviewing and defining the agreements.   As you know, they need to be more than pretty posters on the walls. When we introduce the idea of agreements, we have the […]

Weekly Tribes August 2016 – Start the Year

The following link is a great reminder for getting off to a positive and productive start. https://www.neamb.com/professional-resources/top-strategies-to-start-the-school-year-strong.htm Here is my translation to the Tribes process: Establish Ground Rules = Tribes agreements Consistency is Key = Reflective Practice Be Positive! = Build Inclusion!  (group development process)

Meaningful Appreciation

This TLE is from Caitlin, a teacher in Ontario, Canada 1. PROVIDE FOR INCLUSION: A You Question, Energizer, or Linking Strategy What characteristics do you like about yourself? What characteristics do you think people appreciate about you? Watch this video about showing appreciation:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbnYi21TYJk 2. IDENTIFY THE OBJECTIVES: Content Objective:  The objective will be to […]

Weekly Tribes – The Power of Belief

Thank you, Faith! http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pN34FNbOKXc&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DpN34FNbOKXc A trainer in Hawaii, Faith connects us to a Ted talk that ties nicely with what we know works…for students, for teachers, for people, especially those of us who trust the process of Tribes Here’s a suggestion…have students watch the video and then follow with written comments, specific to a writing […]

Weekly Tribes 2012-2013 September No Put Downs

“Don’t be that guy [girl]!” Draw an outline of a male and female (big, on poster paper) Brainstorm on the outlines, things that guys and girls do or say to each other that are put-downs.  (You will definitely have some overlap here.) Invite students to add to the lists. Leave up for a few days […]

Weekly Tribes: end of the year awards

Here are some end-of -the year suggestions: Awards:  Most schools have some sort of awards ceremony to recognize achievement, citizenship, attendance, etc.  Why not have your students make and present their own awards to each other?!  A simple way to do this is to give each student a name (or 2, or 3) so that […]

Weekly Tribes – What’s in a Name?

What’s in a Name? Also known as a ‘name poem’, this is where a name is written vertically, with each letter of the name the start of a word or phrase that describe the person or topic of the poem.  This strategy is great for inclusion, but it is even more useful as an authentic […]

Weekly Tribes – Reflection Reminders

Reflection! Are you?  When?  How?  Are you students actively engaged in reflection and perhaps even leading some reflective practice from time to time? Remember, the act of reflection dramatically improves learning and long term cerebral cortex involvement. Here are ten suggestions: Tell students what or why you are doing or structuring your teaching/lessons, before you […]

Weekly Tribes – Placemat

The strategy is Placemat.  Click here for a link and explanation. Use the Placemat for an inclusion strategy and then with content.  Here are some ideas/suggestions Inclusion: name – hobby – wishes – concerns…middle is what we have in common Content: Vocabulary word in each corner, then each student has a ‘job’:  definition – illustration/symbol […]