Weekly Tribes 2020: Online Tribes for Mother’s Day

This comes from Megan in Budapest, Hungary.  Her school, Happy Kids, has been closed for 5 weeks, but Megan continues to find a way to stay connected and help her students and families do the same.   Here is her plan for a Zoom meeting with 10 people at a time (mom’s and kids): Greetings […]

When We Were Young

This comes from Megan, a teacher at Happy Kids School in Budapest, Hungary. Here, I am introducing the topic “When We Were Young”, where we will begin by comparing toys of the past and present. 1. Provide for inclusion: Use energizer “My Favourite People and Things”: In a community circle, I will start out by […]


Here is a starter list of creative, and fun ways to appreciate. Please send in your additions! Fantastic: Squirt three times, then wipe and say “Fantastic!” Attitude: One hand on hip, one hand snaps while you say “You go! [girl or boy]” Apple Polisher: Hold apple in hand, then rub on shirt 7-7-3-3: Clap 7x, […]

Graphing Feelings

TITLE:  Graphing Feelings                        Submitted by Ana Guerra GRADE: Pre-school (age 4) MATERIALS/TIME REQUIRED:  Five Tribbles, p. 251 (cut into sections for easy graphing) PROVIDE FOR INCLUSION – A You Question, Energizer, or Linking Strategy: Community circle with Tribbles:  How do I feel today? IDENTIFY THE OBJECTIVES: Content Standard: Create a graph and answer questions […]

Practicing Colors

TITLE:  Practicing Colors GRADE:  Pre-K MATERIALS/TIME REQUIRED:  colored paper; 10-20- min. PROVIDE FOR INCLUSION – A You Question, Energizer, or Linking Strategy: “I like my neighbor”:  Use colors in each sentence, for each round. Example:  I like my neighbor who is wearing orange I like my neighbor who can tell me what color an apple […]