Weekly Tribes 2019-2020: What’s in Your Wallet for Academic Content

This excellent idea comes from Cindy, a teacher in B.C. Canada: Using the basis of “what’s in your wallet”, I would use this strategy when doing Literature Circles. I could change the title to “Character Wallets”: If you found a wallet, what would be in it? This would, of course, depend on whose wallet it […]

Literature: Characterization

Thank you for this TLE, Beth Spaulding –  Frankford Middle School Plano ISD, Plano TX 1. PROVIDE FOR INCLUSION: A You Question, Energizer, or Linking Strategy Energizer: “Pen Pals” Students will draw the name of a character from the story we are reading out of a cup, this will be their new identity for the activity. […]

Weekly Tribes 2019: Definition Dominoes

This is a great activity for groups to figure out.  It works best if you have 10 – 14 strips per group – prepared ahead of time! Use a strip of paper for each ‘domino’.  On one half of the domino, write a vocabulary word (or a math problem). One the other half of the domino, […]

Weekly Tribes 2016: A TLE for Reading

This TLE (Tribes Learning Experience) comes from Amir, from Brazil, a former student in the BOC (Basic Online Course). It is a clever way to have students create, write, and share…and can be adapted for any topic. Content Objective: To learn and identify elements of a story for a visual/spacial learner Collaborative Skills: listening attentively, […]

Weekly Tribes 2015-2016: One Word Sentences!?

Take a look at this TED.ed video and challenge yourself and your students to make some one-word sentences. For those Language Arts teachers, this is a fun challenge. For math, challenge your students to make equations using just one number, but allow any combination of operations. Make it interactive by having students work in pairs […]

Public Speaking: writing a speech

This TLE was created by Joyce, a teacher in Fort St. John, B.C., Canada CURRICULUM TOPIC, THEME, OR CONTENT: SPEECH TOPIC & CONTENT For Middle or High school IDENTIFY THE OBJECTIVES: Content Objective: Students will learn how to generate a speech topic and their personal knowledge in preparation for writing a speech Collaborative Objective: Students […]

Weekly Tribes – must read books for your students

Check out these books at amazon.com for descriptions and other ‘like’ recommendations…all share a theme of acceptance…inclusion and influence, and all are great to read aloud. Wonder – R. J. Palacio Ish – Peter H. Reynolds The Revealers and True Shoes – Doug Wilhelm One and Zero – Kathryn Otoshi Please send your recommendations as a […]

Weekly Tribes 2014 – a Powerful Palindrome

This video not only has a cleverly crafted positive message, it can also be a writing challenge for your students.  Just like summarizing a big concept in three sentences, this palindrome may look easy, but when actually initiated, there is more work to this than meets the eye.  Think of all those creative, collaborative, and […]


This is from Kelly, a student in the online course. GRADE 9 – 12 MATERIALS; TIME REQUIRED ‘Jabberwocky’ by Lewis Carroll 25-30 minutes PROVIDE FOR INCLUSION – A You Question, Energizer, or Linking Strategy Thumbs up, thumbs down Ask questions about the use of literary devices in poetry and literature…maybe even about elements in the […]

Weekly Tribes 2013 – A Bowl Full of Goodies

My friend’s daughters did this for her for Mother’s Day; it is a great way to show appreciation and might also be a nice way to end the school year! You will need a large bowl. Cut different colored strips of paper. Invite students to write about memorable moments in an appreciative way.  This is […]