Weekly Tribes 2019: Definition Dominoes

This is a great activity for groups to figure out.  It works best if you have 10 – 14 strips per group – prepared ahead of time! Use a strip of paper for each ‘domino’.  On one half of the domino, write a vocabulary word (or a math problem). One the other half of the domino, […]

Make your own “Important Book”

Submitted by Vicki McKenna TITLE:  Make your own Important Book GRADE: K – 5; use peer tutors/buddies;  This can be easily adapted for any subject/topic to review key concepts.  (Math – number properties; Science – parts of…; Social Studies – geographical features) MATERIALS/TIME REQUIRED:  The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown and Leonard Weisgard; 50-60 […]

Wordle Agreements

Submitted by Matt Cole Students Use Technology to Show Their Understanding of TRIBES Students from Kirsten Carey’s 3rd grade class worked with Jean Etzel in the Primary School Computer Lab to reflect on what the TRIBES name means to them.  Using the free website www.wordle.net, students entered in words that conveyed their understanding of TRIBES.  […]

Vocabulary Development: Chain Reaction

TITLE: Vocabulary development…synonyms, antonyms, pre-writing warm-up GRADE: 2 – 12 MATERIALS/TIME REQUIRED: 15 – 20 min. PROVIDE FOR INCLUSION – A You Question, Energizer, or Linking Strategy: Think-pair-share: Translate this sentence into everyday words – The juvenile was loquacious when it came to rendering paradigms of graphic lexis. [Translation: The young person was talkative when […]