Learn About Money: Lemonade Stand

Thanks Karen from B.C. Canada for this TLE: CONTENT/THEME: Learn About Money – Earn Money and Help Others (Lemonade Stand) Audience: Grade 1 and 2 Introduce and brainstorm ideas at carpet for a Lemonade Stand   PROVIDE FOR INCLUSION: Name Game – Adapted To help students learn names of denominations of money. Each student holds […]

Weekly Tribes 2016: I Like My Neighbor Math

Here is a clever suggestion from a former BOC (Basic Online Student) for using the  strategy/energizer “I Like My Neighbor” for Math. May be a stretch but since I’m a math person I always look for way to incorporate math. So I was thinking of assigning each student numbers and using the activity “I like […]

Weekly Tribes 2015: m&m’s fraction/decimal/percent

M&m’s: A Fraction is a Decimal is a Percent This is another fantastic Math lesson from Tribes trainer Kathy in South Lake Tahoe. Have students work in pairs or triads. If you can have students work in groups of five, this also works. Give each small group a bag containing exactly 100 m&m’s…(or give each […]

Number Sense with Barnyard Babble

This comes from Julia, a student in the Basic Online Course (BOC) 1. PROVIDE FOR INCLUSION: A You Question, Energizer, or Linking Strategy – Barnyard Babble 2. IDENTIFY THE OBJECTIVES: Content Objective: To compare size of numbers. Collaborative Objective: Making Responsible Decisions, Participating fully, solving problems creatively, celebrating achievement. Social skills: Listening Attentively, No put-downs, […]

Weekly Tribes 2014 – Bingo!

Solve Math problems in a bingo game.  Here is an example, thanks to Kathy in South Lake Tahoe. Consider how you might adapt using this for language arts?  Remember, the challenge is in ‘solving’ and thinking to get the answer, not just calling out values or words. Here is how Kathy used the game with […]

Weekly Tribes – Finger Toss Math Equations

Finger Toss Math Equations Students, in a group of four or five, count to three, and then ‘toss’ a finger count on one hand…much like rock-paper-scissors, but the finger toss is amount; two fingers = 2.  To ‘toss’ a zero, the tosser keeps a fist.  If everyone throws the same number, or if the only […]

Weekly Tribes – Slip Game

This strategy can be as simple or challenging, personal or content specific…as you make it! I suggest making your own list of at least 10 or so questions, and add to those suggested in the book. Especially for middle and high school, you will want to raise the bar. Make the questions fun, as well […]

Make your own “Important Book”

Submitted by Vicki McKenna TITLE:  Make your own Important Book GRADE: K – 5; use peer tutors/buddies;  This can be easily adapted for any subject/topic to review key concepts.  (Math – number properties; Science – parts of…; Social Studies – geographical features) MATERIALS/TIME REQUIRED:  The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown and Leonard Weisgard; 50-60 […]

Graphing Feelings

TITLE:  Graphing Feelings                        Submitted by Ana Guerra GRADE: Pre-school (age 4) MATERIALS/TIME REQUIRED:  Five Tribbles, p. 251 (cut into sections for easy graphing) PROVIDE FOR INCLUSION – A You Question, Energizer, or Linking Strategy: Community circle with Tribbles:  How do I feel today? IDENTIFY THE OBJECTIVES: Content Standard: Create a graph and answer questions […]

“I Like My Neighbor” – review any content

TITLE:  I Like My Neighbor – Review any content GRADE:  k – 12 MATERIALS/TIME REQUIRED:  20 minutes; prepared questions at first, then students can generate. (If you let this energizer go on for more than 20 minutes…you deserve what happens!!…learning will be minimized, at least) PROVIDE FOR INCLUSION – A You Question, Energizer, or Linking […]