Weekly Tribes 2018: teachheart.org

 Here is another resource you definitely want to have on hand, to teach students to be caring and compassionate toward people, animals, and our planet. Each guide contains lessons and activities with all student materials included and ready to use.  Free to download. View the table of contents for the Justice for All Guide and prepare to be amazed and […]

Weekly Tribes 2014 – Restorative Practice

Tribes and Restorative Practice – What a Great Fit! A feature article in the upcoming Reaching All by Creating Tribes Learning Communities book reprint, ‘restorative practice’ means to believe that decisions are best made and conflicts are best resolved by those most directly involved in them.  The restorative practices movement seeks to develop good relationships […]

Weekly Tribes – Youth Voice Project

The Youth Voice Project I just returned from the International Bullying Prevention Association convention, and this was a stand-out keynote and presentation. Check it out and tell me you don’t see a Tribes connection here…http://www.youthvoiceproject.com/

Weekly Tribes – Protest the Put Downs!

Protest the Put-Downs Start the movement (plan) on Monday and end the week Friday afternoon with a parade of messages against put-downs. This will be a productive chance to move and talk, get the language out there (or a nice reminder for ‘no put downs’) and produce some visual reminders for posting around the school. […]

Weekly Tribes -I-Messages and Peer Response Huddle

I-messages and Peer Response Huddle Teach the I-message formula and rationale. Then use Peer Response Huddle to practice with various scenarios…you create the scenario or situation, the huddle comes up with a good I-message. Brilliant!  Thanks, Ms. Haven, for this clever idea.

Weekly Tribes 2011 -Somebody-wanted-but-so

Somebody-Wanted-But-So This one comes from a variety of sources, and a good description (along with some feedback) can be found at www.31daygame.net  (cooperative learning experiences) It is a writing strategy, but could also be applied to the agreements, to allow for a deeper understanding or application.  Have students compose personal statements, or agreements statements, in […]

Weekly Tribes – Oreos

This is a cool little graphic organizer for I-messages and Appreciations. Make something that looks like an Oreo – two ovals with a rectangle in between.  Each shape should be large enough to write a sentence in.  I had a stack available to students so they could write one whenever they felt the need… First, […]

Weekly Tribes – Knots

This is an energizer that is fun, yet influential! It is also about problem solving and sticking with something, even when it seems impossible. Sound like maybe you can use it for a pre-testing energizer? Or, use it just to reflect to your class that they are, in fact, great problem solvers when they cooperate […]

Weekly Tribes – Where Do I Stand?

It’s all about Metaphor. This strategy is for any/all ages. The trick is in the questions you design… Do one to three rounds. Address pertinent topics…playground behavior, homework, current events, etc. Here are some samples: What are you like when you are on the playground? Dog – Cat – Bird – Mouse Doing homework is […]

Weekly Tribes – Suggestion Circle

Suggestion Circle – Choose something you would like to see changed in the classroom, on the playground, etc. and let the students make the suggestions for change.  Lots of opportunities for reflection here…about how difficult change really can be, about making a plan, about involving all concerned, etc.  I recommend making an Action Plan to […]