Weekly Tribes – Youth Voice Project

The Youth Voice Project I just returned from the International Bullying Prevention Association convention, and this was a stand-out keynote and presentation. Check it out and tell me you don’t see a Tribes connection here…http://www.youthvoiceproject.com/

Weekly Tribes – Protest the Put Downs!

Protest the Put-Downs Start the movement (plan) on Monday and end the week Friday afternoon with a parade of messages against put-downs. This will be a productive chance to move and talk, get the language out there (or a nice reminder for ‘no put downs’) and produce some visual reminders for posting around the school. […]

Weekly Tribes – Oreos

This is a cool little graphic organizer for I-messages and Appreciations. Make something that looks like an Oreo – two ovals with a rectangle in between.  Each shape should be large enough to write a sentence in.  I had a stack available to students so they could write one whenever they felt the need… First, […]


TITLE:  “Bully”                                                                         AUTHOR:  Sue Zimmerman GRADE: 3 – 5 MATERIALS/TIME REQUIRED:  3 balls and a Koosh ball; 20 -30 minutes *be sure to use balls that don’t bounce too much and are easy to catch and hold on to; if you use ALL Koosh balls, have one be noticeably […]

Metaphors (bullying): Where Do I Stand?

TITLE: Metaphors (bullying) GRADE: 4 – 12 MATERIALS/TIME REQUIRED: You will need to make signs on 11×8 ½ paper; 20-40 minutes. PROVIDE FOR INCLUSION – A You Question, Energizer, or Linking Strategy: (After you have taught the concept of “metaphor”) Ask students to share…”How can colors represent feelings?” Discuss how colors are metaphors for feelings. […]