History: Family Tree (follow-up)

This comes from Aoife, a teacher at GETNS Inclusion: Circle time: Finish the statement “My favourite thing to do with my family is……” Objective: to build inclusion and promote awareness of how other family members feel. This is a follow on activity from compiling and presenting their family trees, a History content objective as per […]

Jigsaw – Influential Women in Canadian History

1. PROVIDE FOR INCLUSION: A You Question, Energizer, or Linking Strategy Energizer: Bubble Gum – Page 382. The bubblegum energizer has students race to open a pack of bubblegum with mittens on. It ties into the topic of Influential Women in that all the women we would be learning about in the Jigsaw had to […]

Weekly Tribes – (Citizenship) Slip Game

This entry has an ‘election day’ theme…but can easily be adapted for any subject or theme. …With election day approaching, this strategy (slip game) is easily adapted to create awareness, influence opinion, and present/understand the facts. Have students read or research a candidate, an issue, a proposition or measure, or create a ‘poll’ question. Then […]

Weekly Tribes – Slip Game

This strategy can be as simple or challenging, personal or content specific…as you make it! I suggest making your own list of at least 10 or so questions, and add to those suggested in the book. Especially for middle and high school, you will want to raise the bar. Make the questions fun, as well […]

Weekly Tribes – What’s In My Name

This is good for starting the first week of school, as well as returning from a school vacation, and always good for content.  Combine the strategies of “what’s in my name” and “bubble letters”. Invite students to write a name poem – you can incorporate language mechanics, conventions, standards, etc. to make it more than […]

Geography – common boundaries

TITLE:  Geography – common boundaries GRADE: 4 – 9 MATERIALS/TIME REQUIRED:  index cards, atlas/map, 30 minutes PROVIDE FOR INCLUSION – A You Question, Energizer, or Linking Strategy: “Finding all we have in common” (p. 243, p. 272 DG, p. 352 EA) Have students in groups of 4-5.  Use the strategy to build inclusion and set […]

Make your own “Important Book”

Submitted by Vicki McKenna TITLE:  Make your own Important Book GRADE: K – 5; use peer tutors/buddies;  This can be easily adapted for any subject/topic to review key concepts.  (Math – number properties; Science – parts of…; Social Studies – geographical features) MATERIALS/TIME REQUIRED:  The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown and Leonard Weisgard; 50-60 […]

American Revolution Live Wire

Title American Revolution Live Wire Grade 5 or 8 Materials / Time Required 24″ bendable wire that holds it shape; 1 piece per student Provide For Inclusion – A You Question, Energizer, or Linking Strategy Think-pair-share or invite statements in full community: What has been a high point in your day/week/year? How has that high […]

Multiple Intelligence: Johnny Tremain

TITLE:  Multiple Intelligence (Circular Curriculum) for any short story **note:  This learning experience is specifically about the novel Johnny Tremain. This activity is designed during the reading of the novel.  Students must know something about multiple intelligences, including their own. GRADE:  7 MATERIALS/TIME REQUIRED:  poster paper; at least one class period of 90 minutes PROVIDE […]

“I Like My Neighbor” – review any content

TITLE:  I Like My Neighbor – Review any content GRADE:  k – 12 MATERIALS/TIME REQUIRED:  20 minutes; prepared questions at first, then students can generate. (If you let this energizer go on for more than 20 minutes…you deserve what happens!!…learning will be minimized, at least) PROVIDE FOR INCLUSION – A You Question, Energizer, or Linking […]