Getting Back Into the Groove of Things

Thank you Melanie Steenbergen, Franklin Middle School, Plano ISD, Plano Texas – for this excellent TLE for staff and their students! CONTENT/THEME: Getting Back Into the Groove of Things Audience: special education department teachers at start of school year *The group will be sitting with desks in a circle facing each other. *Name plates will […]

Number Sense with Barnyard Babble

This comes from Julia, a student in the Basic Online Course (BOC) 1. PROVIDE FOR INCLUSION: A You Question, Energizer, or Linking Strategy – Barnyard Babble 2. IDENTIFY THE OBJECTIVES: Content Objective: To compare size of numbers. Collaborative Objective: Making Responsible Decisions, Participating fully, solving problems creatively, celebrating achievement. Social skills: Listening Attentively, No put-downs, […]

Weekly Tribes 2014 – Restorative Practice

Tribes and Restorative Practice – What a Great Fit! A feature article in the upcoming Reaching All by Creating Tribes Learning Communities book reprint, ‘restorative practice’ means to believe that decisions are best made and conflicts are best resolved by those most directly involved in them.  The restorative practices movement seeks to develop good relationships […]

Weekly Tribes – Oreos

This is a cool little graphic organizer for I-messages and Appreciations. Make something that looks like an Oreo – two ovals with a rectangle in between.  Each shape should be large enough to write a sentence in.  I had a stack available to students so they could write one whenever they felt the need… First, […]

Weekly Tribes – What’s the Tint of Your Glasses?

It’s probably time for a little inclusion on the side of influence right about now?  This strategy will deepen understanding and inclusion, and challenge those who want to be noticed. Follow as written, page 374 (“Discovering Gifts…” p. 380 and “Engaging All…” p. 468  ).  You can add some challenge by having students write down […]

Literature that reinforces Tribes TLC concepts – Elementary

Books to read aloud to support the Tribes TLC process.

Tribes IEP Meeting Plan

Use the Tribes TLC process in your IEP meeting plan and see a positive difference in communication and intention.