Getting Back Into the Groove of Things

Thank you Melanie Steenbergen, Franklin Middle School, Plano ISD, Plano Texas – for this excellent TLE for staff and their students! CONTENT/THEME: Getting Back Into the Groove of Things Audience: special education department teachers at start of school year *The group will be sitting with desks in a circle facing each other. *Name plates will […]

Weekly Tribes 2015: Privilege and Responsibility

This comes from Sandy, a Tribes trainer. You may have seen it beforde, but it considerable. Could this be a useful activity when discussing diversity? It sure is good for illustrating privilege and responsibility…even some discussion for younger students about the playground and what happens there…?

Weekly Tribes 2014 – a positive staff room

This simple and highly effective and affective strategy was shared at the CUE (Computer-Using Educators) Rock Star Teacher Camp last month in Napa, California. Put up a large sheet of butcher paper in the staff room with the heading, What do you love about your students? Or, choose another positive, productive opportunity statement. Place some […]

Weekly Tribes – Dalton Sherman video

If you haven’t seen this, you will be inspired and pumped up for starting the school year. If you have seen it, I believe you will be happy to see it again!

Weekly Tribes – Venn diagram

This idea is brought to you by Simon, a recent student in the new online Tribes TLC course. Because I teach Math, one activity I always use in my classes are Venn Diagrams. Students, in groups of 3, draw Venn Diagram and then talk about their likes/dislikes, hobbies, family. Anything that they all have in […]

Weekly Tribes 2013 – A Bowl Full of Goodies

My friend’s daughters did this for her for Mother’s Day; it is a great way to show appreciation and might also be a nice way to end the school year! You will need a large bowl. Cut different colored strips of paper. Invite students to write about memorable moments in an appreciative way.  This is […]

Weekly Tribes – Thumb Calisthenics

Thumb calisthenics!  This is another ‘you tube’ discovery…sounds so simple, yet not! This engages those hemispheres and takes less than 60 seconds.  It can be great ‘break’ in testing! Use your imagination – or better yet, use your students, to come with other combinations – like a ‘peace sign’ with one hand, and an […]

Creative Community Circles

Is your community circle purposeful, versatile, effective? Here are some suggestions for changing it up, making it more efficient, or just giving it a new twist. 1 – Use it as a goal setting discussion for the day. (Maybe for those testing days coming up?) 2 – Set a behavior standard – like a random […]

Weekly Tribes – Plus/Minus/Interesting

Influence and Decision Making Here is a very influential strategy – can be used with your curriculum content, a social-emotional issue in the classroom, or just about any topic that is of interest and has both sides of an argument. The strategy is Plus/Minus/Interesting (PMI) and here is one of many links to explain it, […]

Weekly Tribes – “Possible Sentences”

Possible Sentences Here is a link Use ANY topic…here are just a few suggestions playground/recess expectations holiday / sharing content review any part of K-W-L summarizing Reflect! Next time you use it, have the students come up with the words. Design a tournament/game!