Weekly Tribes 2015: Privilege and Responsibility

This comes from Sandy, a Tribes trainer. You may have seen it beforde, but it considerable. Could this be a useful activity when discussing diversity? It sure is good for illustrating privilege and responsibility…even some discussion for younger students about the playground and what happens there…? https://www.facebook.com/Upworthy/posts/976679155706276

Weekly Tribes 2014 – a positive staff room

This simple and highly effective and affective strategy was shared at the CUE (Computer-Using Educators) Rock Star Teacher Camp last month in Napa, California. Put up a large sheet of butcher paper in the staff room with the heading, What do you love about your students? Or, choose another positive, productive opportunity statement. Place some […]

Weekly Tribes – Dalton Sherman video

If you haven’t seen this, you will be inspired and pumped up for starting the school year. If you have seen it, I believe you will be happy to see it again! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAMLOnSNwzA

Weekly Tribes – Venn diagram

This idea is brought to you by Simon, a recent student in the new online Tribes TLC course. Because I teach Math, one activity I always use in my classes are Venn Diagrams. Students, in groups of 3, draw Venn Diagram and then talk about their likes/dislikes, hobbies, family. Anything that they all have in […]

Weekly Tribes 2013 – A Bowl Full of Goodies

My friend’s daughters did this for her for Mother’s Day; it is a great way to show appreciation and might also be a nice way to end the school year! You will need a large bowl. Cut different colored strips of paper. Invite students to write about memorable moments in an appreciative way.  This is […]

Weekly Tribes – Thumb Calisthenics

Thumb calisthenics!  This is another ‘you tube’ discovery…sounds so simple, yet not! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzWKBiPCiC0 This engages those hemispheres and takes less than 60 seconds.  It can be great ‘break’ in testing! Use your imagination – or better yet, use your students, to come with other combinations – like a ‘peace sign’ with one hand, and an […]

Creative Community Circles

Is your community circle purposeful, versatile, effective? Here are some suggestions for changing it up, making it more efficient, or just giving it a new twist. 1 – Use it as a goal setting discussion for the day. (Maybe for those testing days coming up?) 2 – Set a behavior standard – like a random […]

Weekly Tribes – Plus/Minus/Interesting

Influence and Decision Making Here is a very influential strategy – can be used with your curriculum content, a social-emotional issue in the classroom, or just about any topic that is of interest and has both sides of an argument. The strategy is Plus/Minus/Interesting (PMI) and here is one of many links to explain it, […]

Weekly Tribes – “Possible Sentences”

Possible Sentences Here is a link Use ANY topic…here are just a few suggestions playground/recess expectations holiday / sharing content review any part of K-W-L summarizing Reflect! Next time you use it, have the students come up with the words. Design a tournament/game!          

Weekly Tribes – Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction …an oldie, but a goodie. One student asks a question of another; that student answers and then asks a question of another….and so on. This can be done in large or small groups. Questions can be personal, autobiographical, content-based, political, subject review, specific and sequential (reviewing a story line, preparing to write a […]