Weekly Tribes 2019-2020: Everyday Circles

This is a project that Tribes Learning Communities, Peace Learning Center, and HEART came together to create…and now it is ready for you to put to use in your classroom! You can check it out here:  www.tribes.com/everydaycircles/ Hit the ‘buy the cards’ button and you can see an explanatory video.  For 27 cents a day, […]

Weekly Tribes 2018: teachheart.org

 Here is another resource you definitely want to have on hand, to teach students to be caring and compassionate toward people, animals, and our planet. Each guide contains lessons and activities with all student materials included and ready to use.  Free to download. View the table of contents for the Justice for All Guide and prepare to be amazed and […]

Weekly Tribes 2013 – Walk, Stop

Enjoy another ‘demo’, found on You Tube! Please share your You-Tube finds and/or any of your own ‘Tribes-in-action’ video – even if only a minute or less.  We would love to have a video library of Tribes in Action! send it to mpalin@tribes.com or tribes@tribes.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a72goyDtjeI

Weekly Tribes – Slip Game

Slip Game Another oldie, but goodie.  Have students design and write the questions…on various topics, some of which are their choice (like an appropriate version of ‘truth or dare’).  Be sure to include some academic questions as well. Pre-read the questions to make sure that are all appropriate. Pass the container, follow the agreements, and […]

Weekly Tribes – People Hunt

People Hunt Design a people hunt to include info about students as well as content questions.  Here are a few examples: ________The name of a person whose birthday month is the same as yours ________Why it is important to be in this class on time ________The name of a person who can play a musical […]

Grouping Students with ‘Line-up’

Line-up is a great way to organize or group students.  It can be done silently or with words. These suggestions come from Steve Kahl, GATE Coordinator at Mountain View High School.  He presented at the National ASCD conference.  I was lucky enough to be at his session this past weekend. Use small index cards or […]

Weekly Tribes – Knots

This is an energizer that is fun, yet influential! It is also about problem solving and sticking with something, even when it seems impossible. Sound like maybe you can use it for a pre-testing energizer? Or, use it just to reflect to your class that they are, in fact, great problem solvers when they cooperate […]

Weekly Tribes – Reflective Practice

Here are some quick and useful strategies to get more reflection in your day…for both you and your students: 1) Two truths and a lie – have students write on a slip of paper and it is their “ticket out” to recess, next class, home. Modify with “one truth, one lie”…or just “one thing for […]


Here is a starter list of creative, and fun ways to appreciate. Please send in your additions! Fantastic: Squirt three times, then wipe and say “Fantastic!” Attitude: One hand on hip, one hand snaps while you say “You go! [girl or boy]” Apple Polisher: Hold apple in hand, then rub on shirt 7-7-3-3: Clap 7x, […]

Literature that reinforces Tribes TLC concepts – Elementary

Books to read aloud to support the Tribes TLC process.