Weekly Tribes – Reflective Practice

Here are some quick and useful strategies to get more reflection in your day…for both you and your students: 1) Two truths and a lie – have students write on a slip of paper and it is their “ticket out” to recess, next class, home. Modify with “one truth, one lie”…or just “one thing for […]

The new year brings reflection and renewal – here’s how to put Tribes into those actions!

One of the common limitations of implementing the Tribes TLC® process in the classroom, school, or organization is consistency. The reality is, teachers and administrators have too much to do to allow time for one more thing. The balance of human relationships and educational benchmarks is skewed. Here are few suggestions for changing it up…toward […]

Tribes on the go…

Come November and December, time seems to disappear and the list of things to accomplish grows exponentially… Here are some quick, effective, and thematic Tribes strategies that will keep your momentum without impacting your schedule. I’m thankful for… “I’m thankful for…” a reflection done in community circle, or at the end of the day, or […]

The Honeymoon is Over?!

By now, you may be noticing some behaviors starting to settle in…some good, some on the not-so-good or challenging side. Here are some strategies for meaningful participation, transition Inclusion-to-Influence stage, and useful classroom management practice.

Tribes Learning Experiences for the First Two Weeks of School.

A 10 day plan to start off the new school year on the right foot.