Weekly Tribes 2019: What Every Student Wants Their Teacher to Know

This comes from Beth, a teacher in Texas, and a student in the Tribes Basic Online Course (BOC) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nH6Pq93C1c  

Weekly Tribes 2019: Totally Awesome Tuesday

Another great idea from Cindy Robinson, Tribes trainer and founder of Enhancing Teacher Practices: Enhancing teacher practices

Weekly Tribes 2019: Fist Activity

This comes from Peace Learning Center https://peacelearningcenter.org This is the time of year when the stage of Influence can be ever-present; this activity will likely cause some good discussion and reflection on how things are going. Have students pair up.  After they determine who in the pair is the youngest, ask that person to make […]

Weekly Tribes 2019 – A Quick Assessment

Another thoughtful post on Facebook:

Weekly Tribes 2019: Brainstorming Challenge

This comes from Cindy Robinson at enhancingteacherpractices.com. If you want students to brainstorm a list of ideas or possible solutions, challenge them to generate more ideas by giving them two 6-sided dice. Ask them to roll the two dice, add the total number together and that’s how many ideas they should add to their list. […]

Weekly Tribes 2019: fun energizer

I saw it on Facebook- the color of the shirt you are wearing + the last thing you ate = the name of your band. Mine would be the ‘Tie-dyed Bananas’ Turn this into a quick write for an academic connection.

Weekly Tribes 2019: 1 2 3 or Clap Up Touch Energizer, for having fun and developing attention

Check it out!  And definitely reflect on what your students did really well – like focusing and paying attention!

Weekly Tribes 2019: A Quick, Fun Energizer

Need a quick break and get some movement going in an organized fashion?  If students like this, challenge them to think of ways to make it more exciting or challenging.

Weekly Tribes 2019: Reflection Sentence Starters

I recently saw Cindy Robinson, Tribes trainer, and founder of Enhancing Teacher Practices present her session “Want Achievement?  Build Community!”  One of her many brilliant ideas to encourage reflection was to have a sentence starter planted in an envelope in the participants’ packets.  When the time came, she asked everyone to ‘”Find your green envelope, […]

Weekly Tribes 2019: Flexible Classroom

Ready for a change in your classroom?  Read this. https://www.edutopia.org/article/learning-be-flexible